Expecting a new baby in Montreal?

Are you ready for a pregnancy and birth that you can feel confident about? If you want a private prenatal class, help designing your birth plan, or you’re looking for birth and postpartum doula care customized for your family’s unique needs, I’m here to help you feel positive and ready every step of the way.

- Megan Howarth

Find out how to feel confident and ready for your birth!
"Megan was warm, supportive, and provided lots of encouragement. What I thought was especially helpful were labour positions that involved my husband, this helped us to feel more connected as a couple throughout the experience."

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"I know without a doubt the labour would have unfolded very differently had Megan not been there. I look back now on the birth of my daughter and I smile, for it really was one of the most empowering wonderful experiences of my life."

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"Megan's enthusiastic, caring, and maternal nature makes her easy to befriend. Moreover, she is reliable and thoughtful, which makes her a fantastic doula. We are extremely thankful and highly recommend her! "

We’re a great fit if…

  • You want to learn and prepare for birth so you can make clear and realistic choices
  • You’re ready to let go of the anxiety and stress and want to have a positive experience
  • You’re ready to find out all your options for birth and you want to be as informed as possible
  • You’d like to have the most natural birth possible but you’re not so sure how to make it happen


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