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Birth Plan Consultations

Stressing about your birth? We’ll help you figure it out.

  • Are you feeling unprepared for your upcoming birth?
  • Have you read the books and taken the classes but still feel like you need more information?
  • Do you need personalized guidance and tips for how to rock YOUR birth?

A birth plan consult is perfect if you want an experienced doula to guide you through your choices for a hospital birth in Montreal. This is the best way to prepare for the realities of labour, birth and having a new baby.

We want you to feel confident in your ability to handle the flow of your labour and birth. We’ll prepare you for different scenarios you might encounter and provide you with the resources to make the choice that’s right for you.  We can help you with techniques for coping with pain, give you tips on how to have a natural birth and how to decide when or if the epidural is right for you. If you want to know what you’ll be “allowed” to do at your hospital or birthing centre, we’ll discuss the protocols and interventions that may arise.

You and your partner would be on the same page, and be able to work as a team to bring your baby into the world and start parenting with confidence and joy.

How will a birth consultation help you prepare?

Do you feel like you have so many plans for how you want your birth to go, but you have no idea how to make it happen? We hear you! We know that there is no way to guarantee how your birth will go, but you can still prepare and know your options. We’ll help you figure out how to make your plans a reality.
Together we will sit down in the comfort of your home to discuss what you imagine your ideal birth to be. We can discuss your ideas and your hopes and make a plan for how these ideas could be possible. Using our experience working in the major hospitals in Montreal, we’ll help you make a plan to navigate through the sometimes overwhelming and confusing medical system. You don’t need to write a birth plan set in stone and you don’t even need to make any choices right away. Being clear and prepared will make you feel more confident than you thought was possible. You’ll know what to expect and you and your partner can be ready for the big day. Welcoming your baby will be the focus, and you’ll know that no matter what curveballs might be thrown at you, you’ll meet them with confidence and knowledge.

“Megan provided me with the insight, resources, questions for caregivers, and overall support that I needed to empower myself. She answered every question in a way that got through to me.”read more…

Birth can be mysterious and hard to plan for. Our job is to help you understand your options. We’ll outline what your choices are and how you can make your wishes known and respected.

The 2 hour Birth Plan Consultation includes:


  • help writing a birth plan that outlines your ideal birth experience
  • “Ask Anything” question period for all those secret questions you’re scared to ask
  • tips and tools you can use to make informed choices during your labour and birth
  • role playing scenarios for those “what if” moments
  • practical tools for how your partner can support you during labour, including pain management techniques
  • discussions and advice on how to make the transition into parenthood easier
  • exclusive client handouts containing information on common interventions and their risks and benefits
  • information on when to go to your place of birth and what to pack in the hospital bag

The cost of the birth plan consultation is $200 for a 2 hour meeting. A.N.Q receipts available.

Choose a birth plan consultation if you want:

  • to understand all the tests and interventions that may occur during labour and birth
  • to be ready for baby’s arrival and you want guidance and advice on how to be as prepared as possible
  • information and support by an experienced and knowledgeable doula but aren’t sure if you want in-person or hands on support at the birth
  • you have taken prenatal classes, read all the books and researched online and are still looking for answers about labour, birth and becoming a new parent


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