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Private Montreal Prenatal Classes

Do you want to learn about birth without leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home? Are you looking for childbirth education that prepares you for the challenges of labour and birth in a fun and laid back way instead of feeling like a high school history class? This class is perfect for you. Our classes are taught by a doula who has experience at your hospital and will teach you everything you need to know in a clear and realistic way.

Imagine what it would be like if learning about labour and birth could be easy and convenient? Connect with your partner and start getting ready for your new baby without leaving your couch.

We want you to feel confident and ready, knowing all your options and having a clear view on what it’s REALLY like to go through labour and birth. Our prenatal classes give you a judgment free place to ask questions, and to learn and plan for your birth. Our goal is for you to have more time to focus on yourself and enjoying your pregnancy.

Why Take a Private Prenatal Class?

Pregnancy and preparing for a baby’s arrival can turn your schedule upside down! Between doctor’s appointments and baby showers, preparing the nursery and taking that one last trip together you probably feel like there’s not enough time for prenatal classes. Our classes are perfect for those who want flexible and personalized prenatal classes that fit with their busy schedule. There’s no battling traffic, you can relax in the comfort of your own home as we help you navigate through all the information out there and give you the tools and resources to be truly prepared for birth.

We will focus on your unique questions without patronizing you or making your fears seem silly or insignificant. With this class you’ll get all the facts, and learn the real deal about giving birth in a hospital or birthing center. After taking this childbirth education course, you’ll have a solid and grounded idea of what to expect during your labour and birth, what to expect at your chosen place of birth and how to best prepare to welcome you new baby into the world.

Get the answers that YOU need answered by a professional childbirth educator. In a private class we can focus on your specific questions and topics that matter most for you.

What’s Included in Our Prenatal Classes?

In addition to all the content listed below, you get access to my password protected client page where you’ll find exclusive handouts on topics including what to pack in your hospital bag and how to know when it’s time to go to the hospital,  how to identify your fears and face them head on, tests and interventions, and breastfeeding resources and advice.

  • how to deal with being very uncomfortably pregnant
  • the real stages of labour and birth
  • coping with pain, breathing techniques and types of pain management
  • hands-on practice for massage and positions for labour and birth
  • understanding routine tests and interventions
  • how to make an informed choice and know what questions to ask your doctor
  • preparing for breastfeeding and managing difficulties
  • understanding normal newborn babies
  • how to prepare for life as a new parent
  • how to make the transition through each stage as seamless as possible

Imagine feeling the opposite of overwhelmed. That’s my goal for our time together.

Prenatal Classes are $395 for 6 hours.

(If you would prefer Group Prenatal Classes in Montreal click here!)

Choose a private prenatal class if you want:

  • your unique worries and questions answered
  • something that works with your busy schedule
  • to learn about birth in a refreshing and realistic way
  • to know what to expect without having to weed through all the videos and books to find out


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