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Your Whole World is About to Change.

We’re here to help you navigate and enjoy the changes that lie ahead. Whether you need help preparing for birth, doula support during your labour and delivery, or help with breastfeeding or baby care, we’re here for you and your growing family.

– Megan Howarth

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"The best quality Megan brings to her work as a doula is her ability to listen and respond to the needs of the specific person she's working with. She is open-minded, open-hearted, and generous with both her time and energy."
-Meghan M.

Client Love Letters

"I know without a doubt the labour would have unfolded very differently had Megan not been there. I look back now on the my daughter's birth and smile, for it really was one of the most empowering wonderful experiences of my life."
-Daphne O.

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"Megan was essential to my, and my husband's, mindset going through labour. She helped keep me focused and gave me confidence in my body and my choices throughout my pregnancy and birth. I can't thank her enough for that."
-Genee L.

We’re a great fit if…

  • You want to learn and prepare for birth so you can make clear and realistic choices
  • You’re ready to let go of the anxiety and stress and want to have a positive experience
  • You’re ready to find out all your options for birth and you want to be as informed as possible
  • You’d like to have the most natural birth possible but you’re not so sure how to make it happen
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