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how to spice up your sex life

Moms Who Get It On- Part 4

I’ve been thinking that maybe I need to change this series to : Moms Who Barely Have Enough Energy to Get it On. Or perhaps, Moms Who Wish They Felt Like Getting It On. I talk with enough women in the different aspects of my life that I know this whole topic, sex, is a… Read More


There, I said it. I'm one of those people. The ones who stop while walking down the street, or drinking a drink, or doing whatever random thing I happen to be doing, and if I'm feeling good (ESPECIALLY if I'm feeling good) I will snap a photo of myself. According to many articles on the… Read More »

Miles Birth Story

Another Epic Birth Story

The story of a baby’s birth is probably one of the most important stories we still tell in our culture today. It’s the kind of story that I don’t think people will ever stop telling. Trust me, it happens to me WAY more than it does to the average person, but for some reason, we… Read More »

How often do married couples have sex?

Moms Who Get It On- Part 3

It's spring again in Montreal, and since many mammals breed and birth when food is abundant for them (you know, not in the dead of winter) it's only natural for us humans to start thinking more about... sex! It's been a while since my last blog about motherhood and sex, but with the snow melting… Read More »

BBC viral video dad

Hey there, guy from the BBC viral video this morning. I know, you must feel completely mortified as the entire world found out that you were more than just an expert on Korea. GASP! You're a father, too! I have to admit, I laughed. I showed my husband and he laughed. In fact, every single… Read More »

Strong As A Mother-GIVEAWAY

Becoming a mother changed me in many different ways. I've written about it how hard it was at the beginning, how it affected my sex drive, and have basically bared my soul on this topic many times. I watched countless other women, including my doula clients, online mom friends and my close friends and family… Read More »

Tips for Travelling with Kids

With my in-laws living in Toronto and us having done the dreaded drive down the 401 more times than I'd like to even count, I'd consider myself to be pretty skilled at travelling with kids in the car.  I also recently came back from Mexico on my second-ever family vacation with my two boys, who… Read More »

older mom, younger mom, advanced maternal age, start a family

When should I start having kids? Am I too old to have a baby? What is the best time to start a family? Many recent articles have noted that the maternal age has been increasing steadily every year. As of 2011, Stats Canada reports that the average age of first time moms was 28. Maclean's… Read More »

Randy Patterson ProDoula, NorthEast Doulas

Randy Patterson is all tattoos and rock n' roll and sometimes considered a controversial personality, but she's an expert on working with women and helping them see the power and strength inside of them so they can succeed. I'm honored she took the time to stop in with a guest post. As a woman myself… Read More »


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