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The Birth of a Montreal Doula

Megan Howarth doula in MontrealI’ll never forget the moment I heard a friend telling her amazing and intense birth story. I was pregnant and filled with anxiety and fears about how to make the right choices in where I would give birth, who I would choose as my care provider and most importantly, how in the world I was going to push a baby out of my lady bits?! But as my friend’s story went on, her face lighting up with the details of how challenging it had been but how powerful she had felt, I started to understand the importance of birth in a woman’s life.

Next thing I knew…

I was reading books I might have spat my (pre-pregnancy) wine out upon hearing the titles of: “Birthing From Within” and “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth”. I wanted to know all I could about birth and how I could have an experience like my friend. I had a positive birth experience- I felt like I could achieve anything in those first few days post-birth, while at the same time feeling awkward and inexperienced in how to care for a new baby. Thankfully, I had hired a doula who helped me through the process of preparing for labour, was present at the birth with her strong hands and calm presence and was indispensible in those first few weeks as I struggled with breastfeeding and adjusting to being a new parent.

I have been exactly where you are right now. So, take a breath because we’re in this together and I’m here for you every step of the way.

Doula Training and Experience

I hold two certifications as a Labour Doula. I trained with MotherWit in 2011 and in 2015 I became the only ProDoula Certified Doula in Montreal. My other trainings and certifications include:  Nourri Source marraine, Homeopathy for Birth with MICH, Level 1 Babywearing Educator with CBS, Adult and Infant CPR with Montreal Secours, and Rebozo for Birth with Gena Kirby. I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skills.

I have attended the births of nearly a hundred families in the Montreal area, served as a volunteer with Nourri-Source- a breastfeeding support group, and worked with many new families as a postpartum doula. I also teach babywearing workshops, private and group prenatal classes, and host well-attended prenatal discussion groups. I believe in community and connection and I love bringing people together in any way I can.

What does this mean for you? Reliable, trained, and professional support from someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

My Birth Philosophy

Your birth experience belongs to you. I have supported women and couples through many different situations and no matter what you’re planning- my support remains the same. I’m there to help prepare you during your pregnancy and I’ll provide support and encouragement during and after childbirth so you feel confident and informed no matter what you envision as your ideal birth. Being a doula for almost 5 years has taught me that the key to a great birth is not in the details but it the way someone feels about the experience.

“Megan’s enthusiastic, caring, and maternal nature makes her easy to befriend. Moreover, she is reliable and thoughtful, which makes her a fantastic doula. We are extremely thankful and highly recommend her!”read more…

I’m the perfect doula if you want:

  • someone who will cut through the piles of information and lay it out for you in a clear and realistic way
  • a doula who will be open to your family’s unique birth vision without imposing judgments or rules on how you “should” give birth
  • your doula to be trained, experienced and professional but also easy-going enough to shake it to Taylor Swift if it helps your birth!
  • encouragement, support, and help making informed choices that feel right for YOU
  • a pregnancy and birth to be an exciting and happy experience and want someone who feels like a friend to help guide you
  • an easy and smooth transition into life with your new baby and you want to feel like you haven’t lost yourself in the process


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