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Postpartum Doula Services

Newborn Experts and Motherhood Assistants for Montreal and surrounding areas

Bringing your new baby home shouldn’t feel so overwhelming, but it can be for so many new parents! You leave the hospital, amazed that the nurses are letting you drive away with this precious cargo. Don’t they know that you have no idea what to do with this baby when you get home?! That’s where a postpartum doula comes in.

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

We support your family in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your new roles as parents. Postpartum care can be very helpful and an amazing resource to have if you experience baby blues or postpartum depression but many families have a postpartum doula simply because they want to feel comfortable caring for their new baby and be better rested and able to enjoy their new family. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

This moment in time looks different for each family, so we make sure to discuss in advance how we can best help you. We’ll talk about how you want your life to look with your new baby and then work out how to make that a reality. Our job is to help you feel empowered to trust in your abilities as a new parent, but we know that the learning curve is steep- so we’re happy to step in and help as much as you need!

Classic Postpartum Support

Packages begin at $35/hour

When your postpartum doula arrives in your home she’ll find out what kind of support or help you might need that day. Sometimes we simply spend some time listening as you and your partner navigate through this new experience and we give you some space to see how normal this all is, even when it seems difficult and overwhelming- we’ll be there for you with expert advice and support.

This package includes:

  • Helping you get some hands-free time, a hot shower and a nap while being confident someone is taking great care of your new baby.
  • breast or bottle feeding guidance and support if you’re having issues feeding your baby
  • healthy meal planning, light housekeeping, baby care guidance such as bathing, babywearing and swaddling
  • help caring for your newborn so you can have much needed self-care time or time with your partner
  • guidance on sleep schedules and routines

First Night Home Postpartum Support

Package of 12 or 24 hour support

Remember that drive home from the hospital we mentioned? Imagine knowing that there was someone arriving at your home to greet you and help you settle in? Make the transition completely seamless by having a doula available to help you with your first day home from the hospital. Many parents are nervous about not having any professionals around anymore and can be doubting their abilities. It’s normal to feel unsure- it’s your first day at your new job! Have an expert on hand to guide you through feeding, bathing, sleeping and help you be confident and calm. You won’t regret this- the ultimate in postpartum doula care.

This package includes:

  • An on-call doula who will be available to meet you at your home upon your arrival home from the hospital or birthin centre
  • breast or bottle feeding guidance and support if you’re having issues feeding your baby
  • meal preparation, light housekeeping and expert baby care advice for the first 48 hours after birth
  • help caring for your newborn so you can settle in at home as a new family
  • overnight support so you can be as rested as possible

Why hire a postpartum doula?

Unlike a partner or family member, you postpartum doula is trained and experienced at providing professional and expert care so that everyone can be supported during this time. You can expect to have a grounded, and down-to-earth postpartum doula presence to help you manage your life with your new baby. You can feel instantly relaxed and supported knowing that your doula is there for YOU and not simply to hold your baby. Our goal is for you to be ready for the challenges each day brings with your new baby. We’ll help you create a balance that works for you and your family and you’ll find yourself telling people how comforting and wonderful it was to have your new family supported during the first few days or weeks (or even months!)

You’ll emerge into parenthood feeling like you can handle anything!
(No guarantees about the toddler or teen years though!)

Postpartum doula care is right for you if:

  • your family doesn’t live close by or won’t be able to support you when your baby arrives
  • your partner has a demanding schedule and isn’t able to take lots of time off from work
  • you are worried about what life with a new baby will be like and want extra support and guidance
  • you want to have an experienced support person guide you through the early weeks of parenting


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